How I Overcame My Fears of Beachbody Coaching

When I initially signed up to be Beachbody I was terrified that I was participating in a scam. 

I was afraid that I was going to get scammed for my money, that the workouts weren't going to be high quality, and I was scared that I wasn't going to see any results. However, 3 weeks later, when I did my body measurements and saw a drastic change in my waist, my mind began to change. Two weeks after that, when my waist continued to slim down, I realized that I needed to share this experience with other women so that they could feel as great as I did. So I signed up to be a coach. 

As soon as I finished training I realized that I was still scared. I had to put myself out there. I had to put my money where my mouth is and post about these products that changed my life for the better. And even though I saw results, I was still scared that I wouldn't get a positive reaction. Scared that when I posted a picture in my workout gear that people would laugh at me. I had to break up with that mindset and get over it because I LOVE what I do. I LOVE encouraging others to be their best self and helping others meet their fitness goals. I LOVE making new friends, shifting mindsets, and building community. 

At the end of the day, the passion truly outweighs the fear and it gets easier. People will criticize, but people will support you 10x more. You'll be inspired, motivated, and truly enjoy your journey. Beachbody coaching has changed my life for the better and I have gotten the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women across the globe. 

Now, I’m looking to mentor FIVE women who want to crush their fitness goals. Do you struggle with emotional eating? Have you allowed the number on the scale to convince you that you aren't beautiful anymore? Are you so busy with work and the kids and everything else that you've given up on your weight loss goals?

I get it. I was there too. A full-time teacher, full-time graduate student, emotionally drained, and turning to food for comfort. I was so driven by what the scale said that I let it determine how I FELT. If the number was too high, I felt horrible, if it started to decrease, my mood improved. People saw and felt the difference in me as if my clothes no longer fitting wasn't stressful enough.

Thankfully, I have overcome all of these struggles and now I can help you do it, too! With my boot camps, I can help you form a brand new mindset about food and give you solutions to crush your goals! I'm offering a YEAR of access to online workouts that you can do from ANYWHERE, a month of superfood shakes, pre-workout, weekly meal plans, and access to my fitness app and accountability groups so that myself and a community of others can be your #1 cheerleader. All of that, for as low as $160. Inquire here or shoot me an email at to snag a spot! We start on July 6th!

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