Who is The Lit English Teacher?

Hey everyone! I thought I'd start off by introducing myself. 

     My name is Cierra, and I'm The Lit English Teacher. I'm sure you don't want to hear a cheesy meet and greet speech, so I figured I would walk you through how I got here and what led me to start this blog! Buckle your seatbelts, y'all. We're in for a VERY bumpy ride. 

     I guess I'll start in undergrad. I was aimlessly switching my major back and forth between Communications for Public Relations and General Communications Studies. Seems pretty simple, but y'all. 

I had already changed my major THREE times before.

     I was feeling purposeless, I was feeling very depressed, and I was very, very lost. I had no clue what to do, and I was nearing the end of my junior year. I knew I had to see something through and find a career that was going to do it for me. It was Spring Break, all four of my roommates were gone and I was home alone crying and praying that God gave me some sort of purpose. The next morning, I received a call from the daycare that I worked at over the breaks telling me to hop on Skype. I did, and all 22 of the three-year-olds that I had been working with tirelessly to  count to 100 sat in a group on the floor and sang the Countdown to 100 song that I had taught them. 

     By the time they got to our biggest feat, 72, my eyes were full of tears. Over my sobs, I could no longer hear them counting until they all screamed 100. I cheered along with them, looking at all of their excited and proud faces. We had worked ALL summer to get there, and when I left, we had the numbers down to 72. I taught my replacement teacher the lesson, and walked her through the process my last few weeks there and I saw results with curriculum that I developed and wrote at 20 years old.

     It was then that I knew that I was being called to teach. I changed my major to English the first day back from Spring Break and decided to get certified through an alternative certification program.

     I spent my days from that moment on researching, watching videos on Youtube, and scrolling through TPT (which I had discovered the summer before all of this teaching the kindergarten summer camp). I began to regularly watch my favorite teachers Megan DuVarney Forbes and Monique Waters and wanted to be just like them. I read blogs and watched countless Day in the Life of a Teacher Vlogs just to get a taste, and I studied HARD to make sure that I fulfilled my calling.  

     A year and a half later, I finished college with a degree in English, a 7-12 ELA Certification, and a job offer to teach at a school 45 minutes away from my first apartment. I couldn't be happier. 

     My first year of teaching was interesting to say the least (a story for later), and the summer after, I devoted ALL of my time to creating The Lit English Teacher. I spent the summer creating resources and networking. I got 2000 followers and hosted my first giveaway. I was living the life I wanted FINALLY.

     But then I stopped. My new school was working me sick (legitimately) and I began to lose my passion. I felt, how could I possibly ignite passion in others, if I had none left myself? So I took a break. A very long break. The type of long break that you can quit a job, move to another town, get a dog, break up with your boyfriend, and get a new job with a promotion in. I thought I was done with this but things kept happening this school year and people kept showing me that my resources and my presence is needed. So, I'm back. (For real this time) and I am so happy to share with you as much information that I can through my experiences, teaching resources, my YouTube Videos, and this blog! I hope that we can network and become friends! 

See ya next vlog! 



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  • Thank you for sharing your journey. I believe your transparency will provide a pathway in helping others define their purpose.

    Mrs. Lee

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