FREE "Deer Hit" Point of View Mini Lesson

FREE "Deer Hit" Point of View Mini Lesson

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Point of View Mini Lesson using Jon Loomis' "Deer Hit"

This product includes:

  • Lesson outline for the teacher describing in detail how to use the product
  • Excerpt and Writing Page for Warm-Up
  • Point of View Chart
  • Exit Ticket and Writing Prompt


Cierra is a Secondary English Teacher that helps teachers find what lights them up in (and out) of the classroom through her YouTube videos, blog posts, and teaching resources! She has a B.A. in English Literature, and is currently working on a Masters in English! She started the LIT English Teacher because she wanted to share the LIT moments of teaching with others. She believes that The Lit English Teacher lives within all of us. It's that hot, fiery passion that resides in the heart of educators. And that, is what The Lit English Teacher is all about!



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